Looking for a Volunteer Coordinator

Dear Sangha Beloveds,
Thank you very much for all the ways that you support, take care of, and show up for FIMC. We would not be able to continue and thrive without you!

As you know there are numerous ways to volunteer at FIMC. From setting up the technical aspects of Zoom during our Monday Hybrid sits to cooking a nourishing pot of soup for our outdoor retreats to hosting an In-Town Sit & Social.

Currently we are in the process of updating & organizing our mailing and volunteer lists. As we delve into this process we realize that we really need someone(s) to volunteer to be FIMC’s Volunteer Coordinator. It’s a “job” that doesn’t take a lot of time, perhaps a couple of hours per week, and it would help us immensely.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming the Volunteer Coordinator or about other volunteer opportunities, please email us at contact@flagstaffinsight.org. Thank you for your kind attention and your presence in our lives.

with Metta and much gratitude,
The FIMC Board

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